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About the bears

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was setup by Katie and Aaron Dowling (That's me) in 2013. While on a trip to Spain I came across some very simple pop up cards in a store. I loved the idea and could see huge potential with them.  Katie and I decided to combine our skills and we set up to sell both pop up and illustrated cards.

From concept to cards....

Each of our cards begins with a rough sketch. Once we realise the potential of an idea we will draw out each layer from the sketch and then using Corel Draw the layers are recreated on the computer. Then these layers are laser cut and hand assembled to form the 3D object that pop's out of the card.


Ever expanding collection....

We began with 3 designs and the reaction from our customers was over whelming. We began to work on more and more ideas with help from feedback and recommendations from our customers.  We now have over 400 + cards in our collection.

Each month we will be adding more to our range.  If you have any recommendations, please do let us know at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We always love to hear your ideas and feedback.

We love to socialise....

We regularly update our facebook and twitter pages and always get back to messages.  Facebook is the best place to see our latest designs and which markets we will at each week.



We love being outside...

We get so many of our ideas from nature, and find that sometimes a walk is the best place to talk through a new design. Since our cards and envelopes are made from paper we thought it was a good idea to help give back, and so, from March 2017 we have partnered with One Tree PLanted. We will plant a tree every single day, in places ranging from the Amazon all the way to Kenya. These trees will start off as Saplings in a nursery, then planted and maintained until fully self reliable.  We look forward to adding pictures over the next while of some of these trees.

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News News and More News....

We email our monthly newsletter the first week of each month. In it you will have special offers, upcoming designs, list of occasions for the month and the markets we will at. We also have a few other surprises each month. You can subscribe by pressing the button below.