Monsters in Dublin

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Katie and I are big fans of monster movies. We came up with the idea of monsters taking over Dublin almost 2 years ago. The process has been a bit slow but we finally have our range complete. We really hope you like them although I'm sure some of you may think we have lost our marbles.  These cards will in available around the 20th September.


Giant Ape at Poolbeg

A Giant Ape has scaled the Poolbeg Chimneys with Molly Malone in his grasp!

Our Poolbeg chimney card is one of our most intricate cards in our collection and we have made it even more intricate with the inclusion of.....a giant monkey and....that's right...Molly Malone. 


Giant Lizard in Dublin City


A Monstrous fire-breathing Lizard stomps through Dublin's streets!

Our Dublin landmark design is under threat  as the giant lizard looks to cause havoc among the city. The monster's silhouette can be seen in front of the sun, breathing fire and possibly looking for a giant ape to start a 'King of the Monsters' battle.


Giant Octopus at the Hapenny

A Kracken has emerged from the Liffey and ensnared the Hapenny Bridge!

I won't lie to you. This card took alot of work. but we are very happy with the end result. Creating depth with the Octopus as it rises out of the water was key to this design and I think the swirling water really helps with this too.  


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