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Otterly Crazy about You  (Illustrated Card)
Owl will always love you (Illustrated Card)
You're Shrimply the Best (Illustrated Card)
You're a grrreat dad (Illustrated Card)
Love of my Lives (Illustrated Card)
It must bee love (Illustrated 2D card)
Elephant Mum (Illustrated Card)
I whaley like you (Illustrated Card)
Love Ewe Mum (Illustrated Card)
I'm turtley crazy about you (Illustrated Card)
Happy Valentine's Day Pig (Illustrated Card)
You're turtley amazing dad (Illustrated Card)
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Mother Owl (Illustrated Card)
Thanks Mum Squirrel (Illustrated Card)
You're Foxy (Illustrated Card)
You are head and shoulders above the rest (Illustrated Card)
I Like you a Sloth (Illustrated Card)
Fox Mum (Illustrated card)
Happy Mother's Day Hedgehogs (Illustrated Card)
To an Amazing Mum Penquin (Illustrated Card)